Construction Supervision

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Construction Supervision is nowadays an essential activity in construction area, in part due to the high standards demanded by Client and the applicable legislation, moreover due to the complexity increment of the construction works. The core goal of this engineering sector is to ensure the success of any design project, delivering better results in terms of quality, safety, deadlines and costs.


With experience in Portugal and abroad, mainly in Africa, our mission is to monitor and verify the exactly accomplishment of the detail designs and its changes, guarantee the accomplishment of the Contractor’s responsibilities, represent and support technically the Client, linking him into the building site.

Skills / Responsibilities

Verification of works execution according to the detail design and the compliance of building permit conditions


Ensure the contractual provisions compliance, as well the legal and regulatory standards in force


Monitor the implementation of the work with the appropriate frequency to the full performance of our duties and supervision of the works course and the site manager performance


Planning and execution procedures control


Costs control


Ensure the effective conduct of works executed in the different specialties is performed by qualified technicians


Require, whenever necessary, technical assistance to the project management with the designers collaboration, being obliged to register the incident and the respective circumstances in the work book, as well as technical assistance requests by the site manager


Materials and equipment control


Deed assignment and work receiving notices


Preparation of regular reports and work meetings